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Sinergia is a web based framework for developing help desk management solutions in .NET 3.0

Sinergia Help Desk - Screencasts

Here you will find screenshots of the different pages involved in the Case Management life cycle.

Setup diagnose tool

This webcast shows Sinergia's diagnose tool. This is used to test all the required configurations and permissions of a Sinergia installation in order to detect configuration problems early, and provide tips on how to solve the most common setup issues.

All errors are logged to the Window's Event Log.

Sinergia Help Desk diagnose tool

Open and manage a case with Sinergia

This webcast shows the creation and management of a new case with Sinergia, during its whole life cycle

Sinergia Help Desk

Create a Custom Enumeration

This a very simple example of creating a Custom Enumeration

Sinergia Help Desk

Create a Case Type

This webcast shows the creation of a sample Case Type, based on a IT Help Desk scenario. Here you can see the usage of Sinergia Expressions, to customize the fields, and their behavior of properties such as visible, required, read only. It also shows how to set it to be the default case type.

Sinergia Help Desk

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